Quality at SEVEN TREES


  • Organically grown raw materials, provided that they are organically grown available
  • We do not use palm oil
  • All-natural essential oils and extracts from European suppliers or producers
  • Vegan ingredients (except beeswax)
  • Regional products if possible
  • Chemical analyses and safety certificates are available for each raw material batch


  • Soaps are made using the cold process procedure
  • All products are manufactured in small batches
  • The manufacture and labeling of the products corresponds to the EU Cosmetics Regulation
  • The production of each batch is documented.
  • All corresponding raw material batch numbers are recorded in the respective production documentation. An exact traceability of the raw materials used is given at all times.
  • Herstellung in Deutschland

Product quality

  • Soaps are made using the cold process procedure
  • Each batch of cold-pressed soaps cures for 6 weeks
  • Each batch of product is subject to internal quality control
  • We only use natural clays and natural products, for example lavender flowers, to provide colour and texture in our soaps
  • The creamy foam of the SEVEN TREES soaps is created by the balanced recipe and the skillful combination of oils. We do not need any harmful foaming additives.
  • Environmentally friendly degradable end products and packaging

Documentation, transparency, control

  • Work instructions for different work processes
  • Documentation of relevant work processes
  • Internal quality circles for further optimization
  • Control of the recipes, labeling, etc. by an independent laboratory
  • Archiving of relevant documents
  • Control by the competent control authority

Our exclusion list

  • We do not use any artificial additives, artificial colours or fragrances in our cosmetic products
  • We do not add any harmful preservatives to our products
  • Palm oil free
  • No animal products (with the exception of beeswax)
  • No silicone, no aluminum, no parabens
  • No water polluting Tetrasodium EDTA, which is often used as a foam support or preservative.
  • No excess alcohol as a hidden preservative.