Are you looking for a special gift for a special party, far away from the usual conventions?

SEVEN TREES bietet Ihnen die besondere kleine Aufmerksamkeit für Ihre Gäste. Überraschen Sie doch die Gäste Ihrer Hochzeit mit einem kleinen Amenity-Kit bestehend aus z.B. SEVEN TREES Deo und Body Balm. Auch z.B. zur Taufe bietet SEVEN TREES feine Produkte, z.B. die BABY BOOM sensitiv Seife als individuelles Geschenk für Ihre Gäste. SEVEN TREES offers you that special little gift for your guests. Surprise the guests of your wedding with a small amenity kit consisting of e.g. SEVEN TREES deodorant and body balm. Also e.g. SEVEN TREES offers fine products for baptism, e.g. the BABY BOOM sensitive soap as an individual gift for your guests.


If you like the usual gifts, such as Almonds are not original enough or too impersonal, then at SEVEN TREES you will find a contemporary, extraordinary surprise for the recipient. Not only your female guests will appreciate what SEVEN TREES has to offer, you will also find the right product for men. SEVEN TREES offers a variety of different natural fragrance nuances, from odorless to flowery or citrus-fresh to fine-tart. We would be happy to advise you.

SEVEN TREES offers different product combinations and gift options, depending on personal preference and budget. All combinations of the products are possible and doable.

Make a special day even more personal with a unique natural and sustainable gift.
We offer individually designed soaps with a minimum purchase of 50 pieces. Talk to us and ask for our non-binding offer here.

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